Cycle Oregon with the Community Cycling Center 2014

Cyclists with Mt Adams in background

Cycle Oregon is a week long bike tour held in early September. About two thousand cyclists enjoy scenic back-road cycling and camping in small towns. The main stage at camp features a variety of performances which this year included musicians, geology talks covering features of the route, and even a bike rodeo. Proceeds from the ride go to the Cycle Oregon Fund. Many community development projects along the route benefit from this fund.

During Cycle Oregon, I was one of the fifteen volunteers for the Community Cycling Center. We cleaned bikes and charged electronic devices. Several riders also stopped by to sponsor a child's bike for the Holiday Bike Drive with a $50 donation. Like most volunteers, I cleaned bikes on four days and rode the route on two days. CCC broadens access to bicycling and its benefits. The Holiday Bike Drive gives 400 bicycles to children, Bike Club teaches bicycle skills and maintenance to nine to twelve year olds, and Create a Commuter provides fully out-fitted commuter bicycles and riding instruction to adults in workforce development programs.

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Day One:  Dalles, OR to Glenwood, WA   63 miles

The tour began by crossing into Washington and riding along the Columbia River gorge, including two adjacent tunnels, and continuing up the smaller Klickitat River gorge. Views of Mt Adams approaching Glenwood were spectacular. BikePortland has excellent coverage, including pictures of Kan Kyi riding his tall bike and Lillian in a dress riding her commuter bike: Day One

  • Cyclists approaching the Dalles Bridge over the Columbia River
  • After leaving the Columbia River gorge, cyclists rode through the smaller Klickitat River gorge.
  • Riders approaching Glenwood with Mt Adams in the background.
  • The beer garden was a popular attraction every day.
  • Kan Kyi riding high near
    a low flying drone
  • Campground at Glenwood High School under an almost full moon.

Day Four:  Tygh Valley, OR to Madras, OR   84 miles

Day four included windy wide-open terrain, the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, and several miles along the Deschutes River. At mile 72, I just barely stayed on my bike riding up the 14% grade for 1.7 miles on Pelton Dam Road. Many people had to walk their bikes up the most difficult climb of the week. BikePortland again has excellent coverage of Day Four: Day Four

  • Cyclists with Mt Hood in background
  • Rocky area before the Deschutes River
  • Cyclists with Mt Jefferson in background

Community Cycling Center at Cycle Oregon

  • This truck carried all bike cleaning equipment, camping gear, and bikes for about 20 people.
  • Sign promoting bike detailing, charging, and donations
  • Don in the charging trailer. Solar cells on the roof generate power to charge electronic devices stored on the yellow shelves.
  • Randi assists two riders at the registration table.
  • Bicycle detailing started slowly at 1:00 p.m., and gradually became very busy during the afternoon as more riders arrived.
  • Gram replaces a lightweight seat post with a steel seatpost to prevent damage to the seat post when it is clamped into a work stand.
  • George cleans a wheel that is mounted in an old bike frame attached to a work stand.
  • Patrick, with his bike mechanic experience, was our volunteer with the most technical bicycle knowledge.
  • Bike detailing usually finished about 9:00 p.m.  But one night we did not finish until 10:00 p.m.