PAC Tour Northern Transcontinental, 2013

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Mid-Western States

  • Grain silos, like this one in Minnesota, were common.
  • One of the bridges on the bike trail near Wahlan, Minnesota
  • We encountered several road construction sites. Riders crossed this small stream while the bridge was under construction.
  • Zach and Yvonne in Manitowoc, WI. Zach and his father rode a tandem.
  • The 60 year old Badger steamship took four hours to cross Lake Michigan from Manitowoc to Ludingtion.
  • George on the Badger Ferry with chocolate chip cookies from Dinkels Bakery
  • Mural in Circleville, Ohio, showing a pumpkin wagon
  • Jerry, Kevin, Jim, Gerry, George, and Jonathan after a large dinner in Circleville
  • Entering West Virginia on the bridge over the Ohio River between Belpre and Parkersburg

West Virginal and Virginia

  • Riders in the early morning fog leaving Parkersburg, WV, on Route 50
  • Our lunch stop at the Weston State Hospital. Originally a lunatic asylum that once held 2,400 patients, it was finally forced to close in 1994.
  • George at the hilltop on the Virginia border before heading down a long winding downhill
  • At the end of each ride, it felt good to change from bike shoes to sandals
  • Yvonne and George at the end of the bike trip in Williamsburg
  • George at the Washington, DC, train station. The Amtrak bike box was so big both wheels stayed on the bike!

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