Paddle Oregon 2016


Many boats on the riverbank

We love Paddle Oregon. Willamette-Riverkeeper does a great job organizing the logistics. Dalton's Northwest Catering provides one of the highlights of the trip, food. Delicious buffet meals, all served outdoors, are a special treat. Other arrangements include a shuttle for boats and paddlers from Salem to the put-in, experienced volunteer leaders on the river, a ground crew to shuttle luggage and help out where needed, a beer and wine option every evening, a shower truck in the middle of the trip, presentations about ecological issues on the riverbank, and interesting evening programs. About 130 participants were assigned to pods consisting of about a dozen boats and two or three volunteer leaders.

Day Date From To Miles
Monday 15-Aug-16 Marshall Island Access in Junction City Valley Pine River Bend 15.5
Tuesday 16-Aug-16 Valley Pine River Bend Crystal Lake Ball Fields in Corvallis 21
Wednesday 17-Aug-16 Crystal Lake Ball Fields in Corvallis Bryant Park in Albany 12.5
Thursday 18-Aug-16 Bryant Park in Albany Chatoe Rogue Hopyard in Independence 18
Friday 19-Aug-16 Chatoe Rogue Hopyard in Independence Wallace Marine Park in Salem 18

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  • Loading a variety of boats at daybreak in Salem's Wallace Marine Park
  • Travis, Riverkeeper & Executive Director, welcoming everyone at the put-in.
  • It's probably not a good idea for these cattle to graze along the riverbank.


  • George found tasty blackberries that we both enjoyed during one of the many breaks.
  • Board President Kat giving a presentation on turtles and their declining population due to loss of habitat
  • We often saw eagles, osprey, and herons flying and nesting along the river.
  • Trevor giving a paddler a ride from the takeout up to our campground
  • Yvonne with Jack, our pod leader with a booming voice. He sang beautiful songs including Oh Canada and others about loggers and voyageurs while paddling.
  • We always looked forward to seeing the dinner menu.


  • Jenny serenaded us with French kayak music as we launched our boats at Corvallis.
  • Pod leaders Jack and Omar riding low in the water. With all the gear in their boat, it often took six people to carry their loaded canoe.
  • Our caterer put out a delicious array of appetizers every afternoon.


  • Tandem kayaks in one of the faster pods gliding past swiftly
  • Travis and his daughter, Frances, with Nellie in the middle enjoying the view. We were thrilled to be invited to join his Willamette Pod for a strong finish during the last hour of Paddle Oregon.
  • Dining area at Chatoe Rogue Hopyard. Hop processing operated 24 hours a day during the harvest .


  • Yvonne waiting to continue paddling during one of the many breaks
  • Ben paddling a wood canoe that he built himself
  • Trish paddling a kayak that she rented for Paddle Oregon