Paddle Oregon 2017


With approximately 230 participants and volunteers in 2017, this was the largest Paddle Oregon ever. Our Santiam paddling group in the photo below included three tandem sea kayaks and our tandem canoe. Everyone else paddled a solo sea kayak. Roxanne and Max were great leaders. We were one of the first groups to launch each day. Sometimes our group arrived first at the campground. We paddled at a steady pace and rarely took a break other than for lunch or for special presentations. As usual, logistics ran smoothly, and Dalton's Northwest Catering provided delicious meals. Late afternoon hors d'eouvres, musicians, and leisurely dinners were a great way to relax.

The solar eclipse was the highlight of the Paddle Oregon this year. We viewed the eclipse from a beach just north of Norwood Island and about ten miles south of Corvallis. The temperature dropped at least ten degrees in the hour leading up to the eclipse. Using our eclipse glasses, we periodically glanced up at the shrinking sun until it disappeared. For a few seconds, we took off our eclipse glasses and saw a circle of bright light surrounding a completely black sun.

Our paddling group
Day Date From To Miles
Sunday 20-Aug-17 Marshall Island Access in Junction City Valley Pine River Bend in Harrisburg 15.5
Monday 21-Aug-17 Valley Pine River Bend in Harrisburg Crystal Lake Ball Fields in Corvallis 21
Tuesday 22-Aug-17 Crystal Lake Ball Fields in Corvallis Bryant Park in Albany 12.5
Wednesday 23-Aug-17 Bryant Park in Albany Wigrich Farm on Murphy Bar in Independence 21
Thursday 24-Aug-16 Wigrich Farm on Murphy Bar in Independence Wallace Marine Park in Salem 15

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Paddling on the Willamette River

  • Dennis, in the front kayak, has done all 17 Paddle Oregons. Newlyweds Mary and Laird paddle the back kayak.
  • A swivel bridge remains from the days when large boats used the Willamette.
  • George paddling solo during a lunch break
  • High banks north of Albany
  • Kelly, on left, made his kayak and paddle.
  • Kelly practicing catch and release in Albany

A total eclipse of the sun

  • Eclipse watching in the early stage
  • George and Yvonne waiting for the sun to disappear
  • It cooled off and got almost dark just before the sun disappeared.

Camping along the Willammette River

  • Baggage claim at Valley Pine River Bend farm campground
  • The Maharimbas, a marimba band, mixed in great classic rock melodies.
  • Travis, our Riverkeeper and Executive Director, at work
  • The longest tandem kayak weighed over a hundred pounds.
  • Bob, Conservation Director at the Audubon Society of Portland, on the beach taking about Peregrine Falcons.
  • George and Yvonne waiting to launch

Dalton's Northwest Catering provided delicious meals

  • Yvonne at the hors d'eouvres table in Albany
  • Albany buffet with boats in background
  • Dinner in Albany was Fiesta Night with side dishes of fruit, salad, and dessert.
  • Our host at Wigrich Farm rang the dinner bell and Dave announced the menu
  • Dinner at Wigrich Farm included crab, prime rib, and vegetarian ravioli.
  • George and Yvonne enjoying happy hour before dinner