Palmquist Farm

We have enjoyed over a dozen trips to the farm. It is our favorite cross-country ski trip, despite the seven hour drive to northern Wisconsin. Each year our group from the Northwest Nordic Ski Club is led by Joyce and Doug. Most of us stay in the White Pines Inn, a large log building with four suites that can accommodate up to sixteen people. We see many of the same people each year, both from our group and a couple other groups who always go on Martin Luther King Weekend.

Palmquist Farm was founded by Jim Palmquist’s Finnish ancestors over a hundred years ago. The farm started out concentrating on logging, then shifted to dairy farming, and then shifted gradually to accommodating guests. Several weddings, family reunions, and log building workshops have been held at the Farm. It’ a great place to relax!

Many Ski Trails Nearby

Timm’s Hill Trail
At an elevation of almost 2,000 feet, Timm’s Hill is the highest point in Wisconsin. The trail extends south for ten miles and connects with the Rib Lake Ski Trails. Thums’ Parking and Trailhead is just north of the Village of Rib Lake. Go north on Country Road D and veer right onto Harper Drive. If your drop a car at Thums’, you can ski south from Timm’s Hill in a little over three hours. The scenery is great and you will have more downhills than uphills.
Rib Lake Ski Trails
This trail system includes approximately 10 miles of trails that are groomed for classic skiing and skating. Options include a Beginners Loop and a more challenging Championship Trail. One route includes skiing across the 70 foot long Friendship Bridge, the longest exclusively ski bridge in the lower 48 states.
Minoqua Winter Park & Nordic Center
This is a large commercial cross-country trail system with 75 Km of groomed trails. Winter Park has a ski shop, ski rentals, ski lessons, a waxing room, and a small cafeteria.

Our Ski Trip in January 2011

We had plenty of snow and comfortable temperatures during the days. On Saturday, Gale, George, and Ron skied the Timm’s Hill Trail south to the Thums’ Trailhead covering about twelve miles in a little over three hours. Other members of the group enjoyed skiing and snowshoeing on the farm. Saturday evening we listened to the folk musicians in the farm house and relaxed around the fireplace in the White Pines Inn. Sunday we skied on the farm’s trails and enjoyed the great home–cooked family–style meals in the farmhouse. Monday we left shortly after breakfast for the long drive home.

Thanks to Nancy and Cary for sharing their photos! Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger size image.

Photos by Nancy Johannsen

  • Our leaders: Joyce Palmquist & Doug Saylor
  • Evergreen arch at the beginning of the south ski trails
  • Ron making popcorn in the fireplace at the White Pines Inn
  • Helen Palmquist and her kitchen staff are wonderful cooks.
  • Our group after dinner on Saturday
  • Our friends from Decatur who always come on the same weekend, and have a longer drive than we do!

Photos by Cary Cohen

  • We enjoyed sitting around the fire place in the White Pines Inn.
  • A horse drawn sleigh ride is a great way to tour the farm.
  • Sue, Meg, and Cary enjoyed snowshoeing with the Palmquist’s Black Lab, Otis.
  • Susan skiing through the woods.
  • Nancy, Meg, and Susan exiting the gate at the deer farm
  • Sharon skiing on the trail approaching the deer farm

Photos by George & Yvonne Ammerman

  • Skiing out the door without having to drive to a ski trail is great!
  • Yvonne on the hill
    at Jack Lake
  • George on the Sugar Bush Trail Hill
  • Yvonne skiing near the barn
  • Ron shows us how to ski the bridge by going up the ramp fast and leaning forward on the down ramp.
  • Sharon skiing towards the White Pines Inn
  • Everyone gathers in the farm house for buffet style breakfasts and dinners.
  • Saturday night features folk music after dinner in the farm house.
  • Meg played a couple tunes on her trumpet.