Palmquist Farm

Our favorite cross country ski trip

This is our favorite cross-country ski trip. We stay in a large wood building, the White Pines Inn, made from huge white pine logs in the early 1990’s. We usually ski on the farm, but other interesting ski trails are nearby. This year we purchased a copy of Farm Food by Helen Palmquist and her daughter Anna. This cook book, published in 2012, has recipes for many of the delicious meals that we have enjoyed here over the years. Saturday night we enjoyed folk music from local musicians, and the leaders of our group, Joyce Palmquist and Doug Saylor. Most of the twelve people in our group from the Northwest Nordic Ski Club have been coming to the farm on Martin Luther King Weekend for many years. We also had a couple people here for the first time. It took us six hours to drive up to northern Wisconsin after work on Friday. The roads were good driving up, and we did not see much snow. But we were pleasantly surprised to find adequate snow for skiing on many of the ski trails on the farm. Most of our skiing and the sleigh ride were done on Saturday when the temperature was above freezing. We also skied on Sunday, but it was much colder with single digit temperatures and we did not take any pictures.


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Skiing on the farm on Saturday morning

  • Helen, who we know from our canoe camping trips.
  • Meg, who brought a great seasonal brew, Three Kings Ale, from the Stevens Point Brewery
  • Sue, who does a great job identifying trees and wildlife
  • George and Yvonne on the Maple Sap ski trail
  • George skiing up the hill by Jack Lake
  • George skiing down Jack Lake Hill
  • Our group on the trail by Jack Lake photographed by George
  • Another shot of our group taken by Helen

Sleigh ride on Saturday afternoon

  • George and Jim Palmquist by the horse–drawn sleigh
  • Yvonne by the two horses rubbing their noses
  • The sleigh passing by the White Pines Inn

Other activities on the farm

  • Yvonne, Otis, and Helen at the lunch table.
  • Other members of our group at the next table
  • Eight of us stayed in the White Pines Inn, and two couples stayed in the sauna house.
  • Sitting by the fire place in the White Pines Inn
  • Doug and Joyce performed with three local musicians after dinner on Saturday
  • One of the main attractions is Helen’s home–cooked meals served buffet style!