Wisconsin River Canoe Trip, 2011

Another warm Columbus Day Weekend

Columbus Day Weekend on the lower Wisconsin River from Muscoda to Boscobel is a great weekend getaway. For the second year in a row, we enjoyed an unusually warm weekend with daytime highs approaching 80 degrees. But we have done this trip on Columbus Day Weekend with daytime highs in the 50’s and freezing temperatures at night. Fall colors are usually good in mid-October. Camping spots are much easier to find than during the summer when a lot more people are on the river. During the day we saw eagles, and during the night we heard owls in the distance. This was our third canoe trip this year leading a group from the Chicago Outings group of the Sierra Club.

Our group met Friday night at the Victora Park Campground in Muscoda which is on the Wisconsin River. Saturday morning we drove our cars to the Boscobel where we rented one canoe and parked our cars at the boat ramp. Our outfitter brought the drivers and our rental canoe to our campground in Muscoda. Four people brought their own canoes, so we ended up with nine people in five canoes. We canoed a little over two hours on Saturday, and a little less than two hours on Sunday. This is about 225 miles from Chicago, but in many ways it seems much further into the wilderness.

Wisconsin River canoe trip links

Our outfitter:  Wisconsin River Outings

River information:   Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board

Wisconsin River canoe trip pictures

  • Reina and Pat loading their canoe on Saturday morning ater dropping our cars off in Boscobel
  • Leaving the boat ramp in Muscoda
  • Approaching the Highway 80 bridge in Muscoda shortly after leaving the boat ramp
  • Nadia and Yvonne paddling a Kevlar canoe
  • Linda and Floyd paddling their canoe on a warm fall day
  • Danette and Jean pause to greet us while paddling their canoe
  • George paddling solo in an aluminum canoe
  • Three of our canoes on the Wisconsin River
  • Floyd and Linda landing at our lunch stop on Saturday
  • Enjoying a jump in the cool river on an unusually warm day for October
  • Relaxing on the sandbar before supper
  • Enjoying the campfire after sunset on the sandbar
  • George and Yvonne before breakfast on Sunday
  • George cooking French toast Sunday morning
  • George and Floyd, our two male chefs cooking Sunday morning
  • George serving thick French toast. We used three loaves of Challah bread for nine people.
  • Enjoying breakfast and a campfire on our sandbar
  • A small frog perched on Danette’s arm
  • Even though the Wisconsin River looks deep, sometimes it is only a few inches deep
  • Two canoes approaching the takeout in Boscobel at noon on Sunday